• Constructor Detail

      • TableRowMapper

        public TableRowMapper()
    • Method Detail

      • getSourceType

        public final java.lang.Class<ROW_TYPE> getSourceType()
      • getDestinationType

        public final java.lang.Class<EXPECTED_ROW_TYPE> getDestinationType()
      • createMappedTableColumn

        public <COLUMN_TYPE> DynamicTableColumn<ROW_TYPE,​COLUMN_TYPE,​DATA_SOURCE> createMappedTableColumn​(DynamicTableColumn<EXPECTED_ROW_TYPE,​COLUMN_TYPE,​DATA_SOURCE> destinationColumn)
        Creates a table column that will create a table column that knows how to map the given ROW_TYPE to the type of the column passed in, the EXPECTED_ROW_TYPE.
        Type Parameters:
        COLUMN_TYPE - The column type of the given and created columns
        destinationColumn - The existing column, which is based upon EXPECTED_ROW_TYPE, that we want to be able to use with the type we have, the ROW_TYPE.