SRET "Super Reverse Engineering Tool"

February 22 2017

SRET is a hardware reverse engineering tool based on a NXP LPC4330. The LPC4330 chip is similar to the one used in HackRF, but adds ethernet. This chip was chosen because it implements an easy to use USB bootloader which makes it very difficult to brick the chip due to a bad firmware upload. An alpha version of firmware and hardware should be complete by May 2017.

What makes the SRET different from other hardware reverse engineering tools is the flexibility of the configuration. The tool will be able to easily configure and bridge different protocols for communicaton. For instance: say you have one device that communicates using a UART that you would like to talk to a device that uses a SPI. With the SRET bridging and monitoring these types of protocals will be quick and easy. The configuration and monitoring can be easily done from a USB connection. Eventually, I would like to have a feature that allowed for configuration and monitoring to be done over an ethernet connection. This would allow the user to move the SRET to new machines without installing device drivers.

The project will be a continuous project with new features added as needed. The first release implementation goals are:

  • Chip Flash Dump -- NOR and NAND flash chip reader
  • JTAG Programming/Debugging
  • Peripheral Module Interfacing -- Easy communication module interfacing between differant peripheral protocols. e.g. USB->UART; UART->SPI; UART->I2C; etc...
  • Bus Analyzer -- logic analyzer

NXP LPC43xx Datasheet
Code and Hardware