Class HelpModuleLocation

    • Field Detail

      • helpDir

        protected java.nio.file.Path helpDir
        The help dir parent of the help topics and such
      • sourceTOCFile

        protected GhidraTOCFile sourceTOCFile
        this is the TOC_Source.xml file, not the generated file
    • Method Detail

      • loadSourceTOCFile

        public abstract GhidraTOCFile loadSourceTOCFile()
      • loadHelpSet

        public abstract loadHelpSet()
      • isHelpInputSource

        public abstract boolean isHelpInputSource()
        Returns true if this help location represents a source of input files to generate help output
      • loadHelpTopics

        protected void loadHelpTopics()
      • getHelpLocation

        public java.nio.file.Path getHelpLocation()
      • getHelpModuleLocation

        public java.nio.file.Path getHelpModuleLocation()
      • getModuleRepoRoot

        public java.nio.file.Path getModuleRepoRoot()
      • getHelpTopics

        public java.util.Collection<HelpTopic> getHelpTopics()
      • getAllHREFs

        public java.util.Collection<HREF> getAllHREFs()
      • getAllIMGs

        public java.util.Collection<IMG> getAllIMGs()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object