Class AbstractStringSearcher

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractStringSearcher

        protected AbstractStringSearcher​(Program program,
                                         CharSetRecognizer charSet,
                                         int minimumStringSize,
                                         int alignment,
                                         boolean includeUTF8,
                                         boolean includeUTF16,
                                         boolean includeUTF32)
    • Method Detail

      • search

        public AddressSetView search​(AddressSetView addressSet,
                                     FoundStringCallback callback,
                                     boolean searchLoadedMemoryBlocksOnly,
                                     TaskMonitor monitor)
        Searches the given addressSet for strings.

        Note: The address set searched will be modified before searching in the following ways:

      • if the given set is null, it will be re-initialized to encompass all of program memory
      • the set will be further culled to only include loaded memory blocks, if specified
addressSet - the address set to search over; if null, will initialized to all memory
callback - the callback invoked when a string is found
searchLoadedMemoryBlocksOnly - if true, will exclude unloaded memory blocks from the search
monitor - the user monitor
the updated address set used for the search