Class FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation

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    public class FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation
    extends FunctionSignatureFieldLocation
    The FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation class provides a field for the close parenthesis of a function within a program location.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation

        public FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation​(Program program,
                                                  Address locationAddr,
                                                  Address functionAddr,
                                                  int charOffset,
                                                  java.lang.String signature)
        Construct a new FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation object.
        the - program of the location
        locationAddr - the address of the listing location (i.e., referent code unit)
        functionAddr - the function address
        charOffset - the position within the function signature string for this location.
        signature - the function signature string at this location.
      • FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation

        public FunctionEndParametersFieldLocation()
        Default constructor needed for restoring a program location from XML