Class EolCommentFieldLocation

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    public class EolCommentFieldLocation
    extends CommentFieldLocation
    The EolCommentFieldLocation class contains specific location information within the EOL comment field of a CodeUnitLocation object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EolCommentFieldLocation

        public EolCommentFieldLocation​(Program program,
                                       Address addr,
                                       int[] componentPath,
                                       java.lang.String[] comment,
                                       int displayableCommentRow,
                                       int charOffset,
                                       int currentCommentRow)
        Construct a new EolCommentFieldLocation.
        the - program of the location
        addr - the address of the codeunit.
        componentPath - the componentPath of the codeUnit
        comment - comment text for the particular comment indicated by the address, subtype, and reference address.
        displayableCommentRow - the line within the Eol comment as displayed.
        charOffset - the character position on the line within the comment line.
        currentCommentRow - the row index relative to the beginning of the End of Line comment as displayed in the Eol comment field.
      • EolCommentFieldLocation

        public EolCommentFieldLocation()
        Default constructor needed for restoring an end-of-line field location from XML.