Interface ProgramFragment

  • All Superinterfaces:
    AddressSetView, Group, java.lang.Iterable<AddressRange>

    public interface ProgramFragment
    extends Group, AddressSetView
    A ProgramFragment is a set of CodeUnits that have been bundled together with some additional information such as a name, comment, alias, etc. Every code unit in the program is in one and only one fragment so the fragments form a partition of the program. Fragments in turn are the building blocks of ProgramModules. Program fragments and modules allow the user to overlay a hierarchical structure upon the program which can then be used to control viewing and navigating the program.
    • Method Detail

      • contains

        boolean contains​(CodeUnit codeUnit)
        Returns whether this fragment contains the given code unit.

        Specified by:
        contains in interface Group
        codeUnit - the code unit being tested.
        true if the code unit is in the fragment, false otherwise.
      • getCodeUnits

        CodeUnitIterator getCodeUnits()
        Returns a forward iterator over the code units making up this fragment.
      • move

        void move​(Address min,
                  Address max)
           throws NotFoundException
        Moves all of the code units in a given range into this fragment. Note that min must the starting address of a code unit and max must be the ending address of a code unit. Furthermore every address in the given range must exist in program memory.

        min - min address of range specifying the code units to move
        max - max address of range specifying the code units to move
        NotFoundException - thrown if any address between min and max (inclusive) does not belong to program memory.