Class ParamListStandardOut

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      • ParamListStandardOut

        public ParamListStandardOut()
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      • assignMap

        public void assignMap​(Program prog,
                              DataType[] proto,
                              boolean isinput,
                              java.util.ArrayList<VariableStorage> res,
                              boolean addAutoParams)
        Description copied from interface: ParamList
        Given a list of datatypes, calculate the storage locations used for passing those datatypes
        Specified by:
        assignMap in interface ParamList
        assignMap in class ParamListStandard
        prog - is the active progra
        proto - is the list of datatypes
        isinput - is true if this parameter list is being processed for input arguments, false for output
        res - is the vector for holding the VariableStorage corresponding to datatypes
        addAutoParams - if true add/process auto-parameters