Interface LanguageDescription

    • Method Detail

      • getEndian

        Endian getEndian()
      • getInstructionEndian

        Endian getInstructionEndian()
      • getSize

        int getSize()
      • getVariant

        java.lang.String getVariant()
      • getVersion

        int getVersion()
      • getMinorVersion

        int getMinorVersion()
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription()
      • isDeprecated

        boolean isDeprecated()
      • getCompatibleCompilerSpecDescriptions

        java.util.Collection<CompilerSpecDescription> getCompatibleCompilerSpecDescriptions()
      • getExternalNames

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getExternalNames​(java.lang.String externalTool)
        Returns external names for this language associated with other tools. For example, x86 languages are usually referred to as "metapc" by IDA-PRO. So, getExternalNames("IDA-PRO") will return "metapc" for most x86 languages.
        externalTool - external tool for looking up external tool names
        external names for this language associated with tool 'key' -- null if there are no results