Class SimpleDestReferenceIterator

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    public class SimpleDestReferenceIterator
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements CodeBlockReferenceIterator
    This iterator is implemented by getting the flows from the instruction and iterating over those flows (plus the fallthrough). This is probably not the most efficient method. An linked-list of references has to be created each time we want to get the destinations from a block.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleDestReferenceIterator

        public SimpleDestReferenceIterator​(CodeBlock block,
                                           boolean followIndirectFlows,
                                           TaskMonitor monitor)
                                    throws CancelledException
        Construct an Iterator over Destination blocks for a CodeBlock. External references are ignored.
        block - block to get destination blocks for. This should be a block obtained from SimpleBlockModel.
        followIndirectFlows - indirect references will only be included if true
        monitor - task monitor which allows user to cancel operation.
        CancelledException - if the monitor cancels the operation.