Class ObjectPropertyMapDB

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      • ObjectPropertyMapDB

        public ObjectPropertyMapDB​(DBHandle dbHandle,
                                   int openMode,
                                   ErrorHandler errHandler,
                                   ChangeManager changeMgr,
                                   AddressMap addrMap,
                                   java.lang.String name,
                                   java.lang.Class<? extends Saveable> saveableObjectClass,
                                   TaskMonitor monitor,
                                   boolean supportsPrivate)
                            throws VersionException,
        Construct an Saveable object property map.
        dbHandle - database handle.
        openMode - the mode that the program was opened in.
        errHandler - database error handler.
        changeMgr - change manager for event notification
        addrMap - address map.
        name - property name.
        monitor - progress monitor that is only used when upgrading
        CancelledException - if the user cancels the upgrade operation. - if a database io error occurs.
        VersionException - the map version is incompatible with the current Saveable object class version. This will never be thrown if upgrade is true.