Interface GTaskListener

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    public interface GTaskListener
    Interface used to track the state of a GTaskManager
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        void initialize()
        Called when a task listener is added so that the listener can get all the initial state of the taskManger while the taskManager is in a locked state where nothing will change.
      • taskStarted

        void taskStarted​(GScheduledTask task)
        Notification that a task is starting to run
        task - the GTask that is starting to run
      • taskCompleted

        void taskCompleted​(GScheduledTask task,
                           GTaskResult result)
        Notification that a task is no longer running regardless of whether it completed normally, was cancelled, or threw an unhandled exception.
        task - the ScheduledTask that was running.
        result - the result state for the task.
      • taskGroupScheduled

        void taskGroupScheduled​(GTaskGroup group)
        Notification that a GTaskGroup has been scheduled.
        group - the GTaskGroup that has been scheduled to run.
      • taskScheduled

        void taskScheduled​(GScheduledTask scheduledTask)
        Notification that a new GTask has been scheduled to run.
        scheduledTask - the GScheduledTask that wraps the GTask with scheduling information.
      • taskGroupStarted

        void taskGroupStarted​(GTaskGroup taskGroup)
        Notification that a new GTaskGroup has started to run.
        taskGroup - the new GTaskGroup that is running.
      • taskGroupCompleted

        void taskGroupCompleted​(GTaskGroup taskGroup)
        Notification that the GTaskGroup has completed running.
        taskGroup - the GTaskGroup that has completed running.
      • suspendedStateChanged

        void suspendedStateChanged​(boolean suspended)
        Notification that the GTaskManager has been suspended or resumed.
        suspended - true if the GTaskManger has been suspended, or false if it has been resumed.