Class DefaultGhidraProtocolHandler

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    public class DefaultGhidraProtocolHandler
    extends GhidraProtocolHandler
    DefaultGhidraProtocolHandler provides the default protocol handler which corresponds to the original RMI-based Ghidra Server and local file-based Ghidra projects. ghidra://host/repo/... or ghidra:/path/projectName
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      • DefaultGhidraProtocolHandler

        public DefaultGhidraProtocolHandler()
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      • isExtensionSupported

        public boolean isExtensionSupported​(java.lang.String extProtocolName)
        Description copied from class: GhidraProtocolHandler
        Determine if this protocol handler is responsible for handling the specified named protocol extension. One handler may support multiple protocol extension names (e.g., http and https).
        Specified by:
        isExtensionSupported in class GhidraProtocolHandler
        extProtocolName - protocol extension name
        true if this handler supports the specified protocol extension name
      • getConnector

        public GhidraProtocolConnector getConnector​( ghidraUrl)
        Description copied from class: GhidraProtocolHandler
        Get the Ghidra protocol connector for a Ghidra URL which requires this extension.
        Specified by:
        getConnector in class GhidraProtocolHandler
        Ghidra protocol connector
        Throws: - if URL is invalid