Class DefaultGhidraProtocolConnector

  • public class DefaultGhidraProtocolConnector
    extends GhidraProtocolConnector
    DefaultGhidraProtocolConnector provides support for the Ghidra URL protocol without extension for accessing the legacy Ghidra Server over an RMI interface.
    • Method Detail

      • connect

        public int connect​(boolean readOnlyAccess)
        Description copied from class: GhidraProtocolConnector
        Connect to the resource specified by the associated URL. This method should only be invoked once, a second attempt may result in an IOException.
        Specified by:
        connect in class GhidraProtocolConnector
        readOnlyAccess - if resource should be requested for write access.
        connection response code @see GhidraURLConnection
        Throws: - if a connection error occurs
      • getRepositoryRootGhidraURL

        protected getRepositoryRootGhidraURL()
        Description copied from class: GhidraProtocolConnector
        Get the URL associated with the repository/project root folder. This will be used as a key to its corresponding transient project data.
        Specified by:
        getRepositoryRootGhidraURL in class GhidraProtocolConnector
        root folder URL