Interface Tool

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        static final java.lang.String TOOL_NAME_PROPERTY
        Name of the property for the tool name.
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        static final java.lang.String ICON_PROPERTY_NAME
        Name of the property for the tool icon.
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        static final java.lang.String DESCRIPTION_PROPERTY_NAME
        Name of the property for the description of the tool.
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        static final java.lang.String PLUGIN_COUNT_PROPERTY_NAME
        Name of the property for the number of plugins the tool has.
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    • Method Detail

      • exit

        void exit()
        Tells the tool to stop functioning and release its resources. The tool should dispose of all its windows and other resources.
      • canClose

        boolean canClose​(boolean isExiting)
        Can this tool be closed?
        isExiting - true if all of Ghidra is closing, false if just this tool is closing.
        true if the tool is in a state that it can be closed.
      • canCloseDomainFile

        boolean canCloseDomainFile​(DomainFile domainFile)
        Can the domain File be closed?
        Note: This forces plugins to terminate any tasks they have running for the indicated domain object and apply any unsaved data to the domain object. If they can't do this or the user cancels then this returns false.
        false any of the plugins reports that the domain object should not be closed
      • firePluginEvent

        void firePluginEvent​(PluginEvent event)
        Fire the plugin event by notifying the event manager which calls the listeners.
        event - plugin event
      • getToolName

        java.lang.String getToolName()
        Returns the name associated with the tool
      • setToolName

        void setToolName​(java.lang.String toolName)
                  throws java.beans.PropertyVetoException
        Sets the type name of the tool.
        toolName - the basename to use when setting the tool's name
        java.beans.PropertyVetoException - thrown if a VetoableChangeListener rejects the change
      • putInstanceName

        void putInstanceName​(java.lang.String instanceName)
        Associates a unique(within the active project) name to a tool instance.
        instanceName - unique tool instance name
      • getInstanceName

        java.lang.String getInstanceName()
        Returns the tool's unique name.
      • getToolEventNames

        java.lang.String[] getToolEventNames()
        Returns the names of all the possible ToolEvents that this tool might generate. Used by the ConnectionManager to connect tools together.
      • getConsumedToolEventNames

        java.lang.String[] getConsumedToolEventNames()
        Returns a list of eventNames that this Tool is interested in.
      • acceptDomainFiles

        boolean acceptDomainFiles​(DomainFile[] data)
        When the user drags a data file onto a tool, an event will be fired that the tool will respond to by accepting the data.
        data - the data to be used by the running tool
      • getDomainFiles

        DomainFile[] getDomainFiles()
        Get the domain files that this tool currently has open.
      • addToolListener

        void addToolListener​(ToolListener listener)
        Adds a ToolListener to be notified for any of a Tool's ToolEvents. The listener will be notified of any events that this tool generates.
        listener - ToolListener to be added to receive all events
      • removeToolListener

        void removeToolListener​(ToolListener listener)
        Removes a ToolListener from receiving any event generated by this Tool. The tool will still recieve specific events that it has registered for.
        listener - The ToolListener to be removed from receiving all events.
      • addPropertyChangeListener

        void addPropertyChangeListener​(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener l)
        Add property change listener.
      • removePropertyChangeListener

        void removePropertyChangeListener​(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener l)
        Remove property change listener.
      • getSupportedDataTypes

        java.lang.Class<?>[] getSupportedDataTypes()
        Get the classes of the data types that this tool supports, i.e., what data types can be dropped onto this tool.
      • saveDataStateToXml

        org.jdom.Element saveDataStateToXml​(boolean isTransactionState)
        Tells tool to write its data state from the given output stream.
        isTransactionState - true if saving the toolstate is for a potential undo/redo (database transaction)
      • restoreDataStateFromXml

        void restoreDataStateFromXml​(org.jdom.Element element)
        Tells tool to read its data state from the given input stream.
        element - XML data state
      • setIconURL

        void setIconURL​(ToolIconURL iconURL)
        Set the icon for this tool.
        iconURL - icon location
      • getIconURL

        ToolIconURL getIconURL()
        Get the url for the icon that this tool is using.
      • getToolTemplate

        ToolTemplate getToolTemplate​(boolean includeConfigState)
        Returns a ToolTemplate for this Tool that describes the state of the tool.
        a ToolTemplate for this Tool that describes the state of the tool.
      • saveToolToToolTemplate

        ToolTemplate saveToolToToolTemplate()
        Save the tool and return its state as a ToolTemplate. Forces a complete regeneration of the tool template.
        a toolTemplate for this tool.
      • saveWindowingDataToXml

        org.jdom.Element saveWindowingDataToXml()
        Saves the tool's Docking Window layout and positioning information to an XML element.
        the element containing the DockingWindow's layout information.
      • restoreWindowingDataFromXml

        void restoreWindowingDataFromXml​(org.jdom.Element windowData)
        Restores the tool's Docking Window layout and positioning information from an XML element.
        windowData - the element containing the information.
      • shouldSave

        boolean shouldSave()
        Returns true if this tool should save its data, based upon its changed state and the state of Ghidra's saving method.
        true if this tool should save its data
      • saveToXml

        org.jdom.Element saveToXml​(boolean includeConfigState)