Interface Project

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    public interface Project
    Interface to define methods to manage data and tools for users working on a particular effort. Project represents the container object for users, data, and tools to work together.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Convenience method to get the name of this project.
      • getProjectLocator

        ProjectLocator getProjectLocator()
        Get the project locator for this project.
      • getProjectManager

        ProjectManager getProjectManager()
        Returns the project manager of this project.
        the project manager of this project.
      • getToolManager

        ToolManager getToolManager()
        Return the tool manager for this project.
      • getToolServices

        ToolServices getToolServices()
        Return the tool services for this project.
      • hasChanged

        boolean hasChanged()
        Return whether the project configuration has changed.
      • isClosed

        boolean isClosed()
        Returns whether this project instance has been closed
      • getLocalToolChest

        ToolChest getLocalToolChest()
        Return the local tool chest for the user logged in.
      • getRepository

        RepositoryAdapter getRepository()
        Get the repository that this project is associated with.
        null if the project is not associated with a remote repository
      • addProjectView

        ProjectData addProjectView​( projectURL)
        Add the given project URL to this project's list project views. The project view allows users to look at data files from another project.
        projectURL - identifier for the project view
        project data for this view
        Throws: - if I/O error occurs or if project/repository not found - if projectURL is invalid
      • removeProjectView

        void removeProjectView​( projectURL)
        Remove the project view from this project.
        projectURL - identifier for the project
      • getProjectViews

        ProjectLocator[] getProjectViews()
        Return the list of project views in this project.
      • close

        void close()
        Close the project.
      • save

        void save()
        Save the project and the list of project views.
      • saveSessionTools

        boolean saveSessionTools()
        Saves any tools that are associated with the opened project when the project is closed.
        True if the save was not cancelled.
      • restore

        void restore()
        Restore this project's state.
      • saveToolTemplate

        void saveToolTemplate​(java.lang.String tag,
                              ToolTemplate template)
        Save the given tool template as part of the project.
        tag - ID or name for the tool template
        template - template to save
      • getToolTemplate

        ToolTemplate getToolTemplate​(java.lang.String tag)
        Get the tool template with the given tag.
        tag - ID or name for the tool template to get
        tool template
      • setSaveableData

        void setSaveableData​(java.lang.String key,
                             SaveState saveState)
        Allows the user to store data related to the project.
        key - A value used to store and lookup saved data
        saveState - a container of data that will be written out when persisted
      • getOpenData

        java.util.List<DomainFile> getOpenData()
        Get list of domain files that are open.
        the files; empty if no files
      • getProjectData

        ProjectData getProjectData()
        Get the root domain data folder in the project.
      • getProjectData

        ProjectData getProjectData​(ProjectLocator projectLocator)
        Returns the Project Data for the given Project locator. The Project locator must be either the current active project or an currently open project view.
      • getProjectData

        ProjectData getProjectData​( url)
        Returns the Project Data for the given Project URL. The Project URL must correspond to the current active project or an currently open project view.
      • getViewedProjectData

        ProjectData[] getViewedProjectData()
        Get the project data for other projects that are currently being viewed.
        zero length array if there are no viewed projects open
      • releaseFiles

        void releaseFiles​(java.lang.Object consumer)
        Releases all DomainObjects used by the given consumer
        consumer - object no longer using any DomainObjects.