Class DeleteProjectFilesTask

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    public class DeleteProjectFilesTask
    extends Task
    Task for recursively deleting project files from a Ghidra project
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      • DeleteProjectFilesTask

        public DeleteProjectFilesTask​(java.util.Set<DomainFolder> folders,
                                      java.util.Set<DomainFile> files,
                                      int fileCount,
                                      java.awt.Component parent)
        Construct a new DeleteProjectFilesTask with the list of folders and files to delete.
        folders - the fist of DomainFolders (and all files contained recursively in those folders) to delete
        files - the list of DomainFiles to delete
        fileCount - the number of files being deleted
        parent - the component to use for parenting any dialogs that are shown
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      • run

        public void run​(TaskMonitor monitor)
        Description copied from class: Task
        This is the method that will be called to do the work

        Note: The run(TaskMonitor) method should not make any calls directly on Swing components, as these calls are not thread safe. Place Swing calls in a Runnable, then call SystemUtilities.runSwingLater(Runnable) or SystemUtilities.runSwingNow(Runnable)to schedule the Runnable inside of the AWT Event Thread.

        Specified by:
        run in class Task
        monitor - The TaskMonitor that will monitor the executing Task
      • getFileCount

        public int getFileCount()
      • getTotalDeleted

        public int getTotalDeleted()