Class FVEvent

  • public class FVEvent
    extends java.lang.Object
    Custom events to be used in conjunction with the FVEventListener module. Users should construct an event, then fire it using FVEventListener#sendEvent(FVEvent). Two items are passed along with each event: - The eventType attribute specifies the event that is being fired. - The arg is a generic object and can be populated with whatever is appropriate for the associated event. It's up to the receiver to understand how to parse it.
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      static class  FVEvent.EventType  
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      Constructor Description
      FVEvent​(FVEvent.EventType eventType, java.lang.Object arg)  
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      • FVEvent

        public FVEvent​(FVEvent.EventType eventType,
                       java.lang.Object arg)
        eventType -
        arg -