Class SaveDataDialog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActionContextProvider, StatusListener, TaskListener

    public class SaveDataDialog
    extends DialogComponentProvider
    Modal dialog to display a list of domain objects that have changed. The user can mark the ones to save, or pop up another dialog to save the files to a different location and/or name. Read-only files are rendered in red and the checkboxes for these files cannot be selected. If the project has changed, then the first checkbox displayed will be for saving the project configuration.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SaveDataDialog

        public SaveDataDialog​(PluginTool tool)
        Construct new SaveDataDiaog
        tool - front end tool
    • Method Detail

      • showDialog

        public boolean showDialog​(java.util.List<DomainFile> domainFiles)
        Shows the save dialog with the given domain files, but no options to save the project. The dialog will not appear if there is no data that needs saving.
        domainFiles - The files that may need saving.
        true if the user hit the 'Save' or 'Don't Save' option; return false if the user cancelled the operation
      • okCallback

        protected void okCallback()
        Gets called when the user clicks on the OK Action for the dialog.
        okCallback in class DialogComponentProvider