Interface DomainObjectMergeManager

    • Method Detail

      • merge

        boolean merge​(TaskMonitor monitor)
               throws CancelledException
        Merge domain objects and resolve any conflicts.
        true if the merge process completed successfully
        CancelledException - if the user canceled the merge process
      • setResolveInformation

        void setResolveInformation​(java.lang.String infoType,
                                   java.lang.Object infoObject)
        Sets the resolve information object for the indicated standardized name. This is how information is passed between merge managers.
        infoType - the string indicating the type of resolve information
        infoObject - the object for the named string. This information is determined by the merge manager that creates it.
        See Also:
      • showComponent

        void showComponent​(javax.swing.JComponent comp,
                           java.lang.String componentID,
                           HelpLocation helpLoc)
        Show the component that is used to resolve conflicts. This method is called by the MergeResolvers when user input is required. If the component is not null, this method blocks until the user either cancels the merge process or resolves a conflict. If comp is null, then the default component is displayed, and the method does not wait for user input.
        comp - component to show; if component is null, show the default component and do not block
        componentID - id or name for the component
      • setApplyEnabled

        void setApplyEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Enable the apply button according to the "enabled" parameter.
      • clearStatusText

        void clearStatusText()
        Clear the status text on the merge dialog.
      • setStatusText

        void setStatusText​(java.lang.String msg)
        Set the status text on the merge dialog.