Class ApplicationConfiguration

    • Field Detail

      • initializeLogging

        protected boolean initializeLogging
      • logFile

        protected logFile
      • scriptLogFile

        protected scriptLogFile
    • Constructor Detail

      • ApplicationConfiguration

        public ApplicationConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • initializeApplication

        protected void initializeApplication()
        For subclasses to do specific application initialization after all general application initialization occurs.
      • isHeadless

        public boolean isHeadless()
        Returns whether or not the application is headless.
        true if the application is headless; otherwise, false.
      • getTaskMonitor

        public TaskMonitor getTaskMonitor()
        Returns the currently set task monitor.
        The currently set task monitor, which is by default a dummy monitor.
      • isInitializeLogging

        public boolean isInitializeLogging()
        Returns whether or not logging is to be initialized.
        True if logging is to be initialized; otherwise, false. This is true by default, but may be set to false by the user.
        See Also:
      • getApplicationLogFile

        public getApplicationLogFile()
        Returns the user-defined log file.
        The user-defined log file. This is null by default and will only return a non-null value if it has been set by the user.
      • setTaskMonitor

        public void setTaskMonitor​(TaskMonitor monitor)
        Sets a task monitor that will be called back with messages that report the status of the initialization process.
        monitor - The monitor to set.
      • setInitializeLogging

        public void setInitializeLogging​(boolean initializeLogging)
      • setApplicationLogFile

        public void setApplicationLogFile​( logFile)
      • getScriptLogFile

        public getScriptLogFile()
        Returns the user-defined script log file.
        Returns the user-defined script log file. This is null by default and will only return a non-null value if it has been set by the user.
      • setScriptLogFile

        public void setScriptLogFile​( scriptLogFile)
      • installStaticFactories

        public void installStaticFactories()