Class ListingDiffActionManager

  • public class ListingDiffActionManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    Manages the actions that control a ListingDiff.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ListingDiffActionManager

        public ListingDiffActionManager​(ListingDiff listingDiff)
        Constructor for the action manager for a ListingDiff.
        listingDiff - the ListingDiff that is controlled by this manager's docking actions.
    • Method Detail

      • createActions

        protected void createActions()
        Creates the actions.
      • getActions

        public DockingAction[] getActions()
        Gets the actions.
        the docking actions.
      • updateActionEnablement

        public void updateActionEnablement​(boolean isShowing)
        Update the enablement of the actions created by this manager.
        isShowing - true indicates that the dual listing diff is currently visible on screen.