Class BrowserCodeUnitFormatOptions

    • Method Detail

      • optionsChanged

        public void optionsChanged​(ToolOptions options,
                                   java.lang.String optionName,
                                   java.lang.Object oldValue,
                                   java.lang.Object newValue)
        Description copied from interface: OptionsChangeListener
        Notification that an option changed.

        Note: to reject an options change, you can throw a OptionsVetoException.

        Specified by:
        optionsChanged in interface OptionsChangeListener
        options - options object containing the property that changed
        optionName - name of option that changed
        oldValue - old value of the option
        newValue - new value of the option
      • addChangeListener

        public void addChangeListener​(javax.swing.event.ChangeListener listener)
        Add format change listener. Listeners will only be notified if autoUpdate was true when instantiated.
        listener - the listener
      • removeChangeListener

        public void removeChangeListener​(javax.swing.event.ChangeListener listener)
        Remove format change listener
        listener - the listener
      • followReferencedPointers

        public boolean followReferencedPointers()
        Get current state of the Follow Referenced Pointers option.
        true if operand pointer read of indirect references will be followed and non-dynamic pointer referenced symbol will be rendered in place of pointer label.