Class CliTableAssemblyProcessor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PeMarkupable, StructConverter

    public class CliTableAssemblyProcessor
    extends CliAbstractTable
    Describes the AssemblyProcessor table. It is apparently ignored by the CLI and shouldn't be found in an assembly.
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      • toDataType

        public DataType toDataType()
        Description copied from interface: StructConverter
        Returns a structure datatype representing the contents of the implementor of this interface.

        For example, given:

         class A {
             int foo;
             double bar;

        The return value should be a structure data type with two data type components; an INT and a DOUBLE. The structure should contain field names and, if possible, field comments.

        Specified by:
        toDataType in interface StructConverter
        toDataType in class CliAbstractTable
        returns a structure datatype representing the implementor of this interface
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