Class AbstractClassicProcessor

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractClassicProcessor

        protected AbstractClassicProcessor​(MachHeader header,
                                           Program program)
    • Method Detail

      • perform

        public final void perform​(java.lang.String segmentName,
                                  java.lang.String sectionName,
                                  long addressValue,
                                  java.lang.String fromDylib,
                                  NList nList,
                                  boolean isWeak,
                                  TaskMonitor monitor)
                           throws java.lang.Exception
      • getSymbol

        protected Symbol getSymbol​(NList nList)
        Return the Symbol for the specified NList. Looks in the global namespace first.
      • getSectionName

        protected Section getSectionName​(long address)
      • getClassicOrdinalName

        protected java.lang.String getClassicOrdinalName​(int libraryOrdinal)
      • getRelocationBase

        protected long getRelocationBase()
        Returns the relocation base. If the program is 64-bit (x86 or PowerPC), then return the VM address of the first segment with W bit. Otherwise, just return first segment VM address.