Class OptionsDialog

    • Constructor Detail

      • OptionsDialog

        public OptionsDialog​(java.util.List<Option> originalOptions,
                             OptionValidator validator,
                             AddressFactoryService addressFactoryService)
        Contructs a new OptionsDialog for editing the options associated with a specific import format such as PE, ELF, XML, etc.
        originalOptions - the list of options generated from the specific import format selected.
        validator - a callback for validating the options as they are set.
        addressFactoryService - a service for retrieving the AddressFactory if needed. This is passed instead of an actual AddressFactory, because to get an AddressFactory, it might require that a language be loaded or a program be opened and not all options require an AddressFactory.
    • Method Detail

      • optionChanged

        public void optionChanged​(Option option)
        Description copied from interface: OptionListener
        Notification that the given option changed.
        Specified by:
        optionChanged in interface OptionListener
        option - option that changed
      • cancelCallback

        protected void cancelCallback()
        Description copied from class: DialogComponentProvider
        The callback method for when the "Cancel" button is pressed. The default behavior is to call setVisible(false) and dispose() on the dialog.
        cancelCallback in class DialogComponentProvider
      • wasCancelled

        public boolean wasCancelled()
      • getOptions

        public java.util.List<Option> getOptions()
        Returns the list of Options with the values as they were set in this dialog.
        the list of Options with the values as they were set in this dialog.