Interface ProgramTreeService

  • public interface ProgramTreeService
    Service provided by the program tree plugin to get the current view (address set shown in the Code Browser), and the name of the tree currently being viewed.
    • Method Detail

      • getViewedTreeName

        java.lang.String getViewedTreeName()
        Get the name of the tree currently being viewed.
      • setViewedTree

        void setViewedTree​(java.lang.String treeName)
        Set the current view to that of the given name. If treeName is not a known view, then nothing happens.
        treeName - name of the view
      • getView

        AddressSet getView()
        Get the address set of the current view (what is currently being shown in the Code Browser).
      • setGroupSelection

        void setGroupSelection​(GroupPath[] gps)
        Set the selection to the given group paths.
        gps - paths to select