Interface HoverService

    • Method Detail

      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        Returns the priority of this hover service.
      • scroll

        void scroll​(int amount)
        If this service's window supports scrolling, scroll by the specified amount.
        amount - the amount to scroll
      • hoverModeSelected

        boolean hoverModeSelected()
        Return whether hover mode is "on."
      • getHoverComponent

        javax.swing.JComponent getHoverComponent​(Program program,
                                                 ProgramLocation programLocation,
                                                 FieldLocation fieldLocation,
                                                 Field field)
        Returns a component to be shown in a popup window that is relevant to the given parameters. Null is returned if there is no appropriate information to display.
        program - the program that is being hovered over.
        programLocation - the program location where the mouse is hovering.
        fieldLocation - the precise mouse location within the field viewer
        field - the field over which the mouse is hovering
        event - the last mouse motion event over the field viewer component (i.e., FieldPanel).
        The component to be shown for the given location information.
      • componentHidden

        void componentHidden()
        Provides notification when this hover component is popped-down
      • componentShown

        void componentShown()
        Provides notification when this hover component is popped-up