Interface EclipseIntegrationService

  • public interface EclipseIntegrationService
    Service that provides Eclipse-related functionality.
    • Method Detail

      • getEclipseIntegrationOptions

        ToolOptions getEclipseIntegrationOptions()
        Gets the Eclipse Integration options.
        The Eclipse Integration options.
      • getEclipseExecutableFile getEclipseExecutableFile()
        Gets the Eclipse executable file.
        The Eclipse executable file.
        Throws: - if the executable file does not exist.
      • getEclipseWorkspaceDir getEclipseWorkspaceDir()
        Gets the Eclipse workspace directory. If it is defined, the directory may or may not exist. If it is undefined, Eclipse will be in control of selecting a workspace directory to use.
        The Eclipse workspace directory. The directory may or may not exist. Could return null if the workspace directory is undefined.
      • isEclipseFeatureInstalled

        boolean isEclipseFeatureInstalled​( filter)
        Checks to see if a feature is installed in Eclipse.
        filter - A filename filter that matches the feature file to check.
        True if the specified feature is installed.
        Throws: - if Eclipse is not installed.
      • connectToEclipse connectToEclipse​(int port)
        Attempts to connect to Eclipse on the given port. This may result in Eclipse being launched. If the launch and/or connection fails, an error message will be displayed.
        port - The port to connect to.
        The (possibly failed) connection. Check the status of the EclipseConnection for details on the connection.
      • offerGhidraDevInstallation

        void offerGhidraDevInstallation​(TaskMonitor monitor)
        Offers to install GhidraDev into Eclipse's dropins directory.
        monitor - The task monitor used to cancel the installation.
      • handleEclipseError

        void handleEclipseError​(java.lang.String error,
                                boolean askAboutOptions,
                                java.lang.Throwable t)
        Displays the given Eclipse related error message in an error dialog.
        error - The error message to display in a dialog.
        askAboutOptions - True if we should ask the user if they want to be taken to the Eclipse options; otherwise, false.
        t - An optional throwable to tie to the message.