Interface DataService

  • public interface DataService
    Data Creation service. NOTE: This version is dependant on the currentProgram of the implementing plugin class. If you want a version that is not dependant on it, please use DataCreationService
    • Method Detail

      • isCreateDataAllowed

        boolean isCreateDataAllowed​(ListingActionContext context)
        Determine if create data is permitted on the specified location. If the location is contained within the current program selection, the entire selection is examined.
        programActionContext - contains program, location, and selection information
        true if create data is allowed, else false.
      • createData

        boolean createData​(DataType dt,
                           ListingActionContext context,
                           boolean enableConflictHandling)
        Apply the given data type at a location.
        dt - dataType to create at the location
        location - program location to create the data type
        enableConflictHandling - if true, the service may prompt the user to resolve data conflicts
        true if the data could be created at the current location