Class AnalyzerAdapter

    • Constructor Detail

      • AnalyzerAdapter

        public AnalyzerAdapter​(java.lang.String name,
                               AnalysisPriority priority)
    • Method Detail

      • added

        public boolean added​(Program program,
                             AddressSetView set,
                             TaskMonitor monitor,
                             MessageLog log)
                      throws CancelledException
        Description copied from interface: Analyzer
        Called when the requested information type has been added. (ie: function added.)
        program - program to analyze
        set - AddressSet of locations that have been added
        monitor - monitor that indicates progress and indicates whether the user canceled the analysis
        log - a message log to record analysis information
        true if the analysis succeeded
      • getDefaultEnablement

        public boolean getDefaultEnablement​(Program program)
        Description copied from interface: Analyzer
        Returns true if this analyzer should be enabled by default. Generally useful analyzers should return true. Specialized analyzers should return false;
        Specified by:
        getDefaultEnablement in interface Analyzer
        getDefaultEnablement in class AbstractAnalyzer