Class MergeManagerPlugin

    • Field Detail

      • provider

        protected provider
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergeManagerPlugin

        public MergeManagerPlugin​(PluginTool tool,
                                  MergeManager mergeManager,
                                  UndoableDomainObject domainObject)
        Constructor for plugin that handles multi-user merge of programs.
        tool - the tool with the active program to be merged
        mergeManager - the merge manager that will control the merge process
        program - the current program
    • Method Detail

      • createProvider

        public abstract createProvider()
        Creates the provider that will be displayed in the merge tool. This shows the merge progress to the user and lets the user resolve conflicts. Any class that extends this plugin must provide its own MergeManagerProvider here that will be shown to the user for the merge.
        the merge provider associated with this plugin.
      • processEvent

        public abstract void processEvent​(PluginEvent event)
        Description copied from class: Plugin
        Method called to process a plugin event. Plugins should override this method if the plugin processes PluginEvents;
        processEvent in class Plugin
        event - plugin to process
      • dispose

        protected void dispose()
        Description copied from class: Plugin
        Tells a plugin that it is no longer needed. The plugin should release any resources that it has. All actions, components, services will automatically be cleaned up.
        dispose in class Plugin
      • getDescription

        public static java.lang.String getDescription()
      • getDescriptiveName

        public static java.lang.String getDescriptiveName()
      • getCategory

        public static java.lang.String getCategory()
      • canClose

        protected boolean canClose()
        Description copied from class: Plugin
        Called to force this plugin to terminate any tasks it has running and apply any unsaved data to domain objects or files. If it can't do this or the user cancels then this returns false.
        canClose in class Plugin
        true if this plugin can close.
      • closeAllDomainObjects

        public boolean closeAllDomainObjects​(boolean ignoreChanges)
      • closeDomainObject

        public boolean closeDomainObject()
      • closeDomainObject

        public boolean closeDomainObject​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                         boolean ignoreChanges)
      • openDomainObject

        public Program openDomainObject​(DomainFile df,
                                        int version)
      • openDomainObject

        public Program openDomainObject​(DomainFile domainFile,
                                        int version,
                                        int state)
      • openDomainObject

        public void openDomainObject​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                     boolean current)
      • openDomainObject

        public void openDomainObject​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                     int state)
      • releaseDomainObject

        public void releaseDomainObject​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                        java.lang.Object persistentOwner)
      • setCurrentDomainObject

        public void setCurrentDomainObject​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject)
      • setPersistentOwner

        public boolean setPersistentOwner​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                          java.lang.Object owner)
      • setSearchPriority

        public void setSearchPriority​(UndoableDomainObject domainObject,
                                      int priority)