Class BasicDecompilerFieldPanelCoordinator

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    public class BasicDecompilerFieldPanelCoordinator
    extends DualDecompilerFieldPanelCoordinator
    A basic coordinator that locks two decompiler panels together at the first line so that scrolling one side also scrolls the other. It also allows the cursor locations to track together based on the line number or to move independent of each other.
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      • BasicDecompilerFieldPanelCoordinator

        public BasicDecompilerFieldPanelCoordinator​(BasicDecompilerCodeComparisonPanel dualDecompilerPanel,
                                                    boolean syncLineLocation)
        Constructs a dual decompiler coordinator that scrolls the two panels together so that they are locked together at the first line.
        dualDecompilerPanel - the dual decompiler panel being controlled by this coordinator
        syncLineLocation - true means synchronize the cursors in the two decompiler panels to the same line number and offset if possible. false means the the cursors move independently of each other.