Class ModuleAlgorithmCmd

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    public class ModuleAlgorithmCmd
    extends BackgroundCommand
    Command that applies the "module" algorithm to a specified Module or Fragment. Gets an iterator over the code blocks containing the selected folder or fragment. Creates a folder for each code block in the iterator. For each code block, gets an iterator over code blocks containing the code block. For each of these code blocks, create a fragment and move the code units to the fragment.
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      • ModuleAlgorithmCmd

        public ModuleAlgorithmCmd​(GroupPath path,
                                  java.lang.String treeName,
                                  BlockModelService blockModelService,
                                  java.lang.String partitioningModelName)
        path - path the source module or fragment where the algorithm will be applied
        treeName - name of the tree
        blockModelService - service that has the known block models
        partitioningModelName - name of the model to use