Interface SelectionManager

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    java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.ListSelectionModel, javax.swing.event.TableModelListener
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    public interface SelectionManager
    extends javax.swing.ListSelectionModel, javax.swing.event.TableModelListener
    A class to track and restore selections made in a table. We use this in the docking environment primarily due to the heavy usage of filtering for most tables. As tables are filtered, the contents change (and then change back when the filter is removed). It is nice to be able to filter a table, select an item of interest, and then unfilter the table to see that item in more context.
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      void addSelectionManagerListener​(SelectionManagerListener listener)  
      void clearSavedSelection()  
      void dispose()  
      void removeSelectionManagerListener​(SelectionManagerListener listener)  
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        addListSelectionListener, addSelectionInterval, clearSelection, getAnchorSelectionIndex, getLeadSelectionIndex, getMaxSelectionIndex, getMinSelectionIndex, getSelectedIndices, getSelectedItemsCount, getSelectionMode, getValueIsAdjusting, insertIndexInterval, isSelectedIndex, isSelectionEmpty, removeIndexInterval, removeListSelectionListener, removeSelectionInterval, setAnchorSelectionIndex, setLeadSelectionIndex, setSelectionInterval, setSelectionMode, setValueIsAdjusting
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      • clearSavedSelection

        void clearSavedSelection()
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        void dispose()