Class FindsPatternTextFilter

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    public class FindsPatternTextFilter
    extends AbstractPatternTextFilter
    A text filter that uses a pattern and performs a 'find' using that pattern.
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      • FindsPatternTextFilter

        public FindsPatternTextFilter​(java.lang.String filterText)
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      • matches

        public boolean matches​(java.lang.String text,
                               java.util.regex.Pattern pattern)
        Description copied from class: AbstractPatternTextFilter
        Subclasses implement this method for their usage of the given pattern (find vs. matches)
        Specified by:
        matches in class AbstractPatternTextFilter
        text - the text to check against the pattern
        pattern - the pattern used to match the text
        true if there is a match
      • isSubFilterOf

        public boolean isSubFilterOf​(TextFilter parentFilter)
        Description copied from interface: TextFilter
        Returns true if this filter is a more specific filter of the given filter. This is specific to the implementation. Some filters cannot be sub-filters of another filter, such as the 'matches exactly' filter. Contrastingly, a 'starts with' filter can have a sub-filter; for example, for a 'starts with' filter, 'cat' is a sub-filter of 'ca', as 'cat' starts with 'ca'.
        parentFilter - the potential parent filter
        true if this filter is a more specific filter of the given filter.