Class LayoutLockedFieldPanelCoordinator

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    public class LayoutLockedFieldPanelCoordinator
    extends LineLockedFieldPanelCoordinator
    A LayoutLockedFieldPanelCoordinator is an extension of a LineLockedFieldPanelCoordinator that handles the fact that field panel layouts vary in size. It coordinates the scrolling of a set of field panels by sharing bound scroll models that are locked together by a set of index numbers for the FieldPanel Layouts. All the field panels are locked together at the index numbers specified in the locked line array. In other words this coordinator tries to keep the layout indicated by the line (or index) for each field panel side by side with the indicated layout for each other field panel.
    Note: The layouts that are locked together will be positioned so that the bottom of those layouts line up within the field panels.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LayoutLockedFieldPanelCoordinator

        public LayoutLockedFieldPanelCoordinator​(FieldPanel[] panels)
        Constructor for the coordinator.
        panels - the field panels that will have their positions coordinated with each other.
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      • viewChanged

        public void viewChanged​(FieldPanel fp,
                                java.math.BigInteger index,
                                int xPos,
                                int yPos)
        Description copied from interface: ViewListener
        Notifies the listener that the top of the screen has changed position.
        Specified by:
        viewChanged in interface ViewListener
        viewChanged in class LineLockedFieldPanelCoordinator
        fp - the field panel whose view changed.
        index - the index of the layout at the top of the screen
        See Also:
        docking.widgets.fieldpanel.listener.ViewListener#viewChanged(docking.widgets.fieldpanel.FieldPanel, int, int)