Interface FieldBackgroundColorManager

    • Method Detail

      • getBackgroundColor

        java.awt.Color getBackgroundColor()
        Returns the overall background color for the entire field. If the field is totally, selected, then this color will be the selection color. If the field is highlighted,then the color will be the highlight color. If both, then the color will be the combined color. If the color is the same the overall background color of the layout containing this field, then null will be returned to indicate that the background color for this field does not need to be painted
        the background color for this field or null if it is the same as the background for the entire layout.
      • getSelectionHighlights

        java.util.List<Highlight> getSelectionHighlights​(int row)
        Return a list of highlights (background colors ranges) for a given row of text in the field.
        row - the row for which to get a list of highlights.
        a list of highlights for the row.
      • getPaddingColor

        java.awt.Color getPaddingColor​(int padIndex)
        Returns the color for the right or left padding within the field. The padding is difference of the width of the field and the width of the text being displayed. Most fields pad to the right, but a few pad to the left.
        padIndex - either 0 or 1 to get left padding or right padding respectively.
        the color for either the right or left padding.