Class NumberInputDialog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActionContextProvider, StatusListener, TaskListener

    public class NumberInputDialog
    extends DialogComponentProvider

    DialogComponentProvider that provides information to create a modal dialog to prompt for a number (int) to be input by the user.

    If an initial value is specified it is not in the range of min,max, it will be set to the min.

    If the maximum value indicated is less than the minimum then the max is the largest positive integer. Otherwise the maximum valid value is as indicated.

    This dialog component provider class can be used by various classes and therefore should not have its size or position remembered by the tool.showDialog() call parameters.

    To display the dialog call:
         String entryType = "items";
         int initial = 5; // initial value in text field.
         int min = 1;     // minimum valid value in text field.
         int max = 10;    // maximum valid value in text field.
         NumberInputDialog numInputProvider = new NumberInputProvider(entryType, initial, min, max);
         if ( {
               // not cancelled
               int result = numInputProvider.getValue();
    • Constructor Detail

      • NumberInputDialog

        public NumberInputDialog​(java.lang.String entryType,
                                 int initial,
                                 int min)
      • NumberInputDialog

        public NumberInputDialog​(java.lang.String entryType,
                                 int initial,
                                 int min,
                                 int max)
        Constructs a new NumberInputDialog.
        entryType - item type the number indicates (i.e. "duplicates", "items", or "elements").
        initial - default value displayed in the text field.
        min - minimum value allowed.
        max - maximum value allowed.
      • NumberInputDialog

        public NumberInputDialog​(java.lang.String title,
                                 java.lang.String prompt,
                                 java.lang.Integer initialValue)
        Create a numberInputDialog where the the min is 0 and the max is INTEGER.MAX_VALUE
        title - the title of the dialog
        prompt - the prompt in the dialog
        initialValue - the initial value. If null, the text input will be blank.
      • NumberInputDialog

        public NumberInputDialog​(java.lang.String title,
                                 java.lang.String prompt,
                                 java.lang.Integer initialValue,
                                 int min,
                                 int max,
                                 boolean showAsHex)
        Show a number input dialog.
        title - The title of the dialog.
        prompt - the prompt to display before the number input field.
        initialValue - the default value to display, null will leave the field blank.
        min - the minimum allowed value of the field.
        max - the maximum allowed value of the field.
        showAsHex - if true, the initial value will be displayed as hex.
    • Method Detail

      • buildMainPanel

        protected javax.swing.JPanel buildMainPanel​(java.lang.String prompt,
                                                    boolean showAsHex)
        Define the Main panel for the dialog here.
        showAsHex -
        JPanel the completed Main Panel<\CODE>
      • okCallback

        protected void okCallback()
        Gets called when the user clicks on the OK Action for the dialog.
        okCallback in class DialogComponentProvider
      • wasCancelled

        public boolean wasCancelled()
        Return whether the user cancelled the input dialog.
      • show

        public boolean show()
        show displays the dialog, gets the user input
        false if the user cancelled the operation
      • getValue

        public int getValue()
        Convert the input to an int value.
        java.lang.NumberFormatException - if entered value cannot be parsed.
      • setInput

        public void setInput​(int value)
        Sets the value in the input field to the indicated value.
      • setDefaultMessage

        public void setDefaultMessage​(java.lang.String defaultMessage)
        Sets the default message to be displayed when valid values are in the text fields.
        defaultMessage - the message to be displayed when valid values are in the text fields.
      • getMin

        public int getMin()
        Return the minimum acceptable value.
      • getMax

        public int getMax()
        Return the maximum acceptable value.
      • updateOKButtonEnablement

        protected void updateOKButtonEnablement()