Class CalloutComponentInfo

  • public class CalloutComponentInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    An object that describes a component to be 'called-out'. A callout is a way to emphasize a widget (usually this is only needed for small GUI elements, like an action or icon).

    The given component info is used to render a magnified image of the given component onto another image. For this to work, the rendering engine will need to know how to translate the component's location to that of the image space onto which the callout will be drawn. This is the purpose of requiring the 'destination component'. That component provides the bounds that will be used to move the component's relative position (which is relative to the components parent).

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      CalloutComponentInfo​(java.awt.Component destinationComponent, java.awt.Component component)  
      CalloutComponentInfo​(java.awt.Component destinationComponent, java.awt.Component component, java.awt.Point locationOnScreen, java.awt.Point relativeLocation, java.awt.Dimension size)  
    • Method Summary

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      java.awt.Point convertPointToParent​(java.awt.Point location)  
      void setMagnification​(double magnification)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CalloutComponentInfo

        public CalloutComponentInfo​(java.awt.Component destinationComponent,
                                    java.awt.Component component)
      • CalloutComponentInfo

        public CalloutComponentInfo​(java.awt.Component destinationComponent,
                                    java.awt.Component component,
                                    java.awt.Point locationOnScreen,
                                    java.awt.Point relativeLocation,
                                    java.awt.Dimension size)
    • Method Detail

      • convertPointToParent

        public java.awt.Point convertPointToParent​(java.awt.Point location)
      • setMagnification

        public void setMagnification​(double magnification)