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    public class GHelpSet
    Ghidra help set that creates a GhidraHelpBroker, installs some custom HTML handling code via the GHelpHTMLEditorKit, and most importantly, changes how the JavaHelp system works with regard to integrating Help Sets.

    The HelpSet class uses a object to locate HTML files by objects. This class has overridden that basic usage of the Map object to allow ID lookups to take place across GHelpSet objects. We need to do this due to how we merge help set content across modules. More specifically, in order to merge, we have to make all xml tags the same, including the target HTML file they may reference. Well, when a module uses a tag that references an HTML file not inside of it's module, then JavaHelp considers this an error and does not correctly merge the HelpSets that share the reference. Further, it does not properly locate the shared HTML file reference. This class allows lookups across modules by overridden the lookup functionality done by the map object. More specifically, we override getCombinedMap() and getLocalMap() to use a custom delegate map object that knows how do do this "cross-module" help lookup.

    See Also:
    GHelpHTMLEditorKit, Serialized Form
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        helpBrokerClass, helpBrokerLoader, implRegistry, kitLoaderRegistry, kitTypeRegistry, listenerList, publicIDString, publicIDString_V2
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      GHelpSet​(java.lang.ClassLoader loader, helpset)  
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        add, addHelpSetListener, addPresentation, addSubHelpSet, addView, contains, createHelpBroker, findHelpSet, findHelpSet, findHelpSet, fireHelpSetAdded, fireHelpSetRemoved, getDefaultPresentation, getHelpSets, getHelpSetURL, getHomeID, getKeyData, getLoader, getLocale, getNavigatorView, getNavigatorViews, getPresentation, getPresentations, getTitle, parse, parseInto, remove, removeHelpSetListener, setHomeID, setKeyData, setLocalMap, setTitle, toString
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        public GHelpSet​(java.lang.ClassLoader loader,
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        public createHelpBroker()
        createHelpBroker in class
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        public getLocalMap()
        getLocalMap in class
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        public getCombinedMap()
        getCombinedMap in class