Class GHelpBroker

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    java.awt.event.KeyListener, java.util.EventListener,

    public class GHelpBroker
    Ghidra help broker that displays the help set; sets the Ghidra icon on the help frame and attempts to maintain the user window size.
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        displayHelpFromFocus, displayHelpFromSource
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      GHelpBroker​( hs)
      Construct a new GhidraHelpBroker.
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      protected void addCustomToolbarItems​( jHelp)
      Create zoom in/out buttons on the default help window toolbar.
      void setActivationWindow​(java.awt.Window window)  
      void setCurrentURL​( URL)  
      void setDisplayed​(boolean b)  
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        enableHelp, enableHelp, enableHelpKey, enableHelpKey, enableHelpOnButton, enableHelpOnButton, enableHelpOnButton, getCurrentID, getCurrentURL, getCurrentView, getDisplayHelpFromFocus, getDisplayHelpFromSource, getFont, getHelpSet, getLocale, getLocation, getScreen, getSize, getWindowPresentation, initPresentation, isDisplayed, isViewDisplayed, keyPressed, keyReleased, keyTyped, setActivationObject, setCurrentID, setCurrentID, setCurrentView, setFont, setHelpSet, setHelpSetPresentation, setLocale, setLocation, setScreen, setSize, setViewDisplayed, showID, showID
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GHelpBroker

        public GHelpBroker​( hs)
        Construct a new GhidraHelpBroker.
        hs - java help set associated with this help broker
    • Method Detail

      • setCurrentURL

        public void setCurrentURL​( URL)
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        setCurrentURL in interface
        setCurrentURL in class
      • setDisplayed

        public void setDisplayed​(boolean b)
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        setDisplayed in interface
        setDisplayed in class
      • addCustomToolbarItems

        protected void addCustomToolbarItems​( jHelp)
        Create zoom in/out buttons on the default help window toolbar.
        jHelp - the java help object used to retrieve the help components
      • setActivationWindow

        public void setActivationWindow​(java.awt.Window window)
        setActivationWindow in class