Welcome to the Hardware Reverse Engineering Blog

Hello and welcome to my blogging website HWREBLOG. My name is James and I am a computer engineer with main interest in Embedded System Design and Reverse Engineering. At any one time I have 5-6 personal projects in a wide range of areas including programming, hardware design, reverse engineering, and SDR's. This website is not only a personal documentation for some of that work, but hopefully a tool for others wanting to learn.

Current Project

SRET aka "Super Reverse Engineering Tool"
SRET update (5/21/2007). After giving some thought to the design of SRET, and taking Dmitry Nedospasov's Hardware Hacking training, I think I am going backup and take a different approach with SRET. If you are interested in my early prototype for the original SRET board, checkout commit 6b3c3df under the SRET repo. SRET more information